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Doublejay Farms Ground Beef Shares

Ground Beef Shares are:

1) Convenient and flexible! We will home deliver your share once a month in Kingston and Gananoque and you will be given a chance to swap or add other cuts for variety.

2) Cost effective! Ground Beef Share prices are 5 - 10 percent lower per pound than our usual ground beef price depending on your share size (see chart below).

3) Environmentally-friendly and organic! Doublejay Farms raises organic, 100% grass-fed beef using rotational grazing. Our farm practices are regenerative for the soil, caring for the animals, nutritious for our customers and in harmony with the planet.

How does it work

1) Sign up for a Doublejay Farms Ground Beef Share on our website between September 26th and October 25th.  Simply add one of the two options below to your shopping cart:

Share Size
Monthly Share
Share Price
Approx. $/lb*
4 pkgs
Large8 pkgs

*packages of ground beef are approximately 1.15 lbs +/- 0.15lbs

2) Receive your share of beef once a month (for 4 months) from October to January either by picking up on the farm or through delivery within Kingston or Gananoque.

3) To swap or add cuts to your monthly delivery, simply go to our website before your delivery day and order the cuts you would like to swap from our current inventoryYou can either add on top of your regular share amount or request to remove some or all of your ground beef packages from you share to be replaced with other cuts.  Additional and swapped cuts will be valued at the current website pricing.  We will invoice you if the total value of your beef that month is higher than the monthly total for your share size.

That's it!  Please feel free to contact us with any questions.